Legionella Compliance for Businesses

Legionella Compliance for Businesses

Our Business works with many companies like yourselves whether you are in the public or private sector, a business owner or a responsible person for Legionella compliance. Understanding that Legionella prevention is probably only one area of the health and safety responsibilities you manage we aim to keep our services as straightforward and practical as possible, meeting the requirements of Health and safety law. Our services are to keep the risk of Legionella to a minimum and to control the bacteria in order to protect you, your staff and anyone who would come into contact with the water in your building.

In our first meeting we would need to establish your requirements, it is important to ensure that a current risk assessment has been carried out. You will also require a maintenance plan to keep risks to a minimum that is developed from the findings of the risk assessment, examples of this can be a tank clean and chlorination carried out annually. A Log book would be provided where all records are kept such as the responsible person being documented and monthly temperatures are reported from various taps. Temperature recording is important as this ensures Legionella cannot multiply in their desirable temperature range of 20◦C to 45◦C. These records must be kept for five years should an inspector ask to see them.

The reason we protect against Legionella is due to the fact that it is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia caused by exposure to the bacteria. It can affect anyone however certain people can be more at risk for example those over 45 years, smokers, those with impaired immune systems. The risk you would potentially hold is that of your hot and cold water system. Obviously these systems are all different in design and age, therefore an initial Legionella risk assessment is important to determine the risks from your particular system.

Examples of potential risks from your water system include possible dead legs where water is collecting and stagnating, water storage tanks without lids or no cleaning maintenance regime and water temperatures at a desirable level to multiply bacteria. These issues are all straightforward to eliminate with the correct assessment. To comply with the law you must have identified and assessed potential sources of exposure. You must then introduce a plan of action to control any risk recognised. If there is out outbreak of Legionella and nothing is in place you could find yourself liable if you are the responsible person.

If you would like further advice we would happily discuss your requirements confidentially. We have over 20 years experience in the industry and welcome all enquiries large and small

Below are our relevant services for business such as carehomes, education premises, hotels, hospitals, factories, warehouses, offices and many more types of properties;

  • Legionella Support Pack
  • Legionella Risk Assessment
  • Legionella Policy
  • Water Hygiene Maintenance Records
  • Water Treatment Control
  • Internal two year audit
  • Water Treatment Control
  • Water Hygiene Maintenance Records
  • Management of water systems PLRA
  • Certificates of conformity (previously issued or current)
  • Sampling plan and results history
  • Shower Cleaner
  • Biocide Treatment (if applicable)
  • Monitoring and Inspection